Home-Made Nutri-Grain Bars

Mason really likes Nutri-Grain bars for breakfast. So I thought that they seemed easy enough to make.  This was not true.

I used the recipe found here.

I would recommend reducing the juice by half.  Also, get the bottom layer as thin as possible to make this more like Nutri-Grain bars than a baked dish.  I failed with this, which is why the top is so sparse.  Apple butter worked really well. I didn’t have an 8×12 pan or whatever it called for, but a 9×9 worked just fine.

NutriGrain Bars - Take 1

I also attempted to modify the recipe slightly and make my own filling with peach and raspberries smashed up.  This failed.  The filling was too watery, so there wasn’t a “jelly filling” like in a Nutri-Grain bar.

NutriGrain Bars- Take 2

In the end, Mason chose a Pop-Tart for snack.  Fail.


3 responses to “Home-Made Nutri-Grain Bars

  1. I have the perfect cookbook for you. I will find it and bring it up on the 4th

  2. Kristie Kruse

    Too funny!

  3. Awww…next time it’ll be better. Too funny about Mason, I thought he was like Jake and would eat just about anything!

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