New Product Picks

Over the last several months, thanks to coupons and awesome sales, I’ve tried a few new products from the grocery store/Target.  Thought I’d share with you:

1) The new and improved Colgate 360 ActiFlex toothbrush.  Usually I just go with the free ones from the dentist, but I had been sick and needed a new brush, so I had a coupon and it was on sale.  Best 50 cents I’ve ever spent!  Every time I brush my teeth, it feels like I just went to the dentist!  I know people love their WaterPics and stuff, but this is the best manual brush I’ve ever tried.

2) Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid. I’ve been trying to buy more natural products and this was one of the first. It’s not too much more expensive than the regular stuff. I get the Free and Clear variety (they also have Lavender but it makes me sneeze) and it does as well or better on my dishes than the other brands of dish soap. I just learned that their website has good coupons, so I’ll be trying their other cleaning products. (Sorry… can’t do the “clean everything with vinegar” thing.)

3) Always Infinity Pads. If you’re a dude and reading this, move to #4. If you’re a lady, I HIGHLY recommend these. They’re thin, don’t leak EVER, and really comfortable. A little more expensive than the other line from Always, but they’ve been running specials at Target and so it’s been cheaper to buy these.

4) Pampers Cruisers with DriMax. I know, generic is way cheaper. But coupons and sales make these not too bad, and you go through WAY less diapers because these are so absorbent. I can’t remember when Mason had a blowout with these and he has fewer diaper rashes in these than in Huggies. Plus, Pampers has a rewards program. If you’re willing to collect and enter (or text in) the codes, you can get some great products like Radio Flyer gear. My aunt buys huge boxes on Amazon and gets great deals. I just cut coupons and watch sale ads.

5) Barnes and Noble Nook Color. I know, you Amazon Kindle people are all going bonkers about this one. And no, I didn’t get this from Target or Pick N Save.  But I LOVE my Nook. I’ve never had problems reading in sunlight (I always wear sunglasses anyway, which helps) and I can check out books from my library even if I have to wait a few days. Plus, it doubles as a tablet, so I can go online, take notes, listen to music, and store files. Buyer beware: If you are a bookaholic like me, it is ridiculously easy to buy books and not even realize how much money you’re spending, so try the library first!

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the day… it’s beautiful!


3 responses to “New Product Picks

  1. Jenni Schuessler

    Love this! I have numbers 3, 4, and 5 and I agree these are the best! I will have to try out 1 and 2. If you have a Costco membership you can get a gigantic bottle of Kirkland brand environmentally friendly dish soap…lasts a really really long time. I do think they have a lavender scent, but also a citrus one as well. Recently bought a new Reach toothbruth from Walgreens… unimpressed though. Thanks for the blog!

  2. Jenni Schuessler

    How do you get books from your library onto your Nook? I didn’t know you could do that?

    • Jenni – Milwaukee Public Library has a subscription to an eBook service. Not all of them do. The Nook Color supports Adobe ePub books. You set up an Adobe profile (free) and download the software onto your computer (also free). Then I check out the books from the online library and open them on my computer. I can then hook up my Nook to my computer with the USB cable and drag it into my Nook in the Adobe ePub program. Then it’s in your “my files” section of your library. (The library or Adobe websites probably explain it a little better than I just did. :-))

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