You Might Have Noticed I’m Pregnant Because…

Yes, it’s true.  I am pregnant with #2.  Hubby and I couldn’t be more excited!  Mason, on the other hand, did not want to see the pictures of the baby from today’s ultrasound.  He is trying to pop incisors, so we will forgive him.

Even though I’m just officially announcing this news today, many of you may have been suspicious before.  Some of you knew because I have a big mouth and told you before I was supposed to. Others maybe just saw me being, well, pregnant.  Here are the top 10 ways you may have guessed I’m pregnant.

1) I locked myself out of my classroom.  Twice in one day.
2) I thought I locked myself out of my classroom, so I went to get the keys from the secretary, only to find that I left my door open in the first place.
3) I turned down sweets and chose guacamole.
4) I turned down alcohol and chose tea that looks and smells like urine.  (Yogi brand Stomach Ease tea… as nasty as it smells and looks, it certainly makes me feel better!)
5) I wore my cowl-neck pink sweater to work inside out.
6) I have been crying at stupid commercials.
7) My face looks worse than the face of a 16 year old pizza delivery boy.
8) I discussed the fact that I went to bed at 8:30PM the last 3 nights in a row.  Did I mention how tired I am?
9) I’m wearing a Bella band, something that became an accessory at 6 weeks pregnant (which we now discovered was really only 4 weeks pregnant).
10) The doctor found this wiggling bundle of joy in my tummy!:

Ultrasound for #2 at 9 weeks. (Or, as Mark says, -31 weeks.)


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