Important Links to Me

Here are several websites that I frequent (besides Facebook, which I am on way too much…).  I’ll try to remember to add to this as I find more!  This is the teacher contribution site for IRA.  It contains some of the BEST resources for teaching and literacy education in general.  It’s fairly user-friendly as well.  I do NOT use this site enough, but I really like the recommendations and categorizations of books.  You can connect with other readers, look for books by category or genre, and  sign up to win free books!  If you want something more simplistic than GoodReads, use this one.  You simply type in the name of a book or author you recently read and enjoyed, and it gives you multiple books that you also might like.  Great site run by the WELS, has audio devotions, answers to questions, a church location search engine, and lots of other  tools for Christians to develop in their faith.  Also, my church’s website might interest you:




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